Why A Magento Store Locator Extension Is Crucial For An Online Store

Different entrepreneurs and sellers have been pouring their energy on the internet to have online presence. This is especially true for sellers who have physical shops such as bakery or flower shop. The best way for prospect buyers to find your business is to be able to find them first, using targeted marketing and having a good online presence on the search results.

Physical stores on the map

It is very helpful to have your physical shop tagged or label on online maps. The tagging on the online map must also be accurate and complete, so that the buyer can easily see the description of your shop. It is highly recommended to add pictures of the shop from the outside, on all angles and coming from different sides of the road. This is recommended because it would help newcomers to locate your shop, especially if they are new to the place. Using the magento store locator extension, the seller or show owner can easily tag their physical store on the map, because the tool will automatically tag their geo-coordinates using the address provided.

Information to be included on the tagged location

Another good information to add on your map location is to indicate the services or products that you offer. Some restaurants for example include pictures of their menu with pricing. This will give the prospective buyer an idea of what they would expect upon dropping by your restaurant or store.

To complete your information on the online map, you can also include the store hours or hours of operation. This is also another important information to include on your tagged location because it would set the expectation to your prospective buyers if you are still open at the time of searching, and what your regular store hours would be like.