Do You Need To Download A Client To Use Mu Servers?

Mu Online is unlike no other game you’ve ever seen. You can compare it to Diablo and Planetscape but that’s only because it uses the same isometric design. In all other aspects, it’s a unique specimen, such that you’ll have to compare it to multiple other games to complete the puzzle or tapestry that is Mu. Mu Online is awesome, which is why it’s worthwhile to apply for mu servers to play it. You need to download a client in order to play the game or even set up your own servers and build your own Mu Online Community if you so wish. It has all sorts of unique ideas, like shooting a bow that allowed you to bob around the board or wings to let you hover a foot off of the ground.

What the 14th Season Has in Store for Mu Players?

  • Quests Galore for The New Season: You’ll have a lot to look forward to for Season 14 of Mu Online. As the Rune Wizard, for example, you’ll undergo the Quest Hero Status after completing the first quest and reaching Level 220. Afterwards, you can undergo the third and last quest after reaching level 380 and completing the second quest. It involves the Certificate of Strength, Infiltration of the Barracks of Ballgass and Into The Darkness.
  • Skill of the Rune Wizard: Mu Online continues its legacy of excellence that has spanned since its inception in 2001 and its release in 2003 as free-to-play. For example, as a Rune Wizard, you have common skills like Energy Ball, Fire Ball, Poison, Meteorite, Flame, Ice, Twister, Evil Spirit, Hellfire, Cometfall and Inferno at your disposal. You also have skills you can use from Dark Wizard to Magic Gladiator. Skills exclusive to Rune Wizard include Lightning Storm, Plasma Ball and Magic Arrow.

The Bottom Line: Webzen intends to flesh out the lore of Mu Online some more because why fix something that isn’t broken? Throughout the years, Mu Online has gotten graphical upgrades and more classes inserted into the mix, with unique and new skills like Magic Arrow that uses the element of Darkness and requires 142 Energy in order to be cast. The devs have fine-tuned Mu in order to satisfy the needs of its niche audience, resulting in amazing longevity for the game all-in-all.